Fukushima – ‘low level’ radioactive water damped into the sea = 500 time permitted level

In a CNN interview today John King talks to Arnold Gundersen of fairewinds. Gundersen explains how the hydrogen explosion in reactor 2, caused a breeched in containment leading to radioactive water filling the trenches and leaking into the ocean.

Gundersen puts into perspective the level of radiation being released into the ocean. He said the 11,500 tonnes of ‘low level’ radioactive water being damped into the sea, was 500 time higher then the permitted level. “They had to clear these tanks so that more radioactive liquid could come behind it.”

He distinguished between the level of radioactivity they leak they have just fixed, which he said was leaking for about 2 weeks at a rate of 7 tones a day and was of the 500 times concentration, but was of a much more concentrated radioactivity. He concluded: “There is a lot of radiation in the ocean”

Of course the obvious question is what are they going to do with the ‘more radioactive liquid’, which is filling up the tanks right now? Where is that going to go, when more space is needed?

Are we going to see permissible radiation levels elevated to fit a reality of growing radiation with no end in sight?



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