Oct 032015

Since we started EyesWiseOpenTV 4 weeks ago synchronicity keep chasing us in an amazing way… In the first show we lost our guest minutes before we started the show due to what we believe was weather modification exercise in Costa Rica , which led us to schedule James Roy again for our second show.

The day we aired the second show live at the same time time a program was broadcasted on the BBC titled ‘Creative Brain’  as we were discussing Gamma Brainwaves and it’s connection to consciousness with James, the BBC documentary was discussing how Gamma Brainwaves are firing when we get creative and inspired by new ideas. What are the Odds of that happening?

This sort of thing just keeps happening… 2 weeks ago we did a show we titled Cancer – 21st Century Pandemic/Epidemic and this morning I got an email with a link to this new Documentary by Ty Bollinger – “A groundbreaking 9-part starting October 13th at 9:00PM Eastern Time. Featuring Over 100 doctors, researchers, scientists and survivors from across the globe come together in unity and reveal for the first time their amazing new findings and the truth about Cancer. 

Watch the trailer and click the button below for free access to this documentary.

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Sep 292015

Thursday 1st Oct 2015 | 20:00-22:00 GMT | 12:00-14:00 Pacific

About the show

This week our show will explore the Cancer epidemic we currently experiencing. Evidently we are far from winning the fight against Cancer regardless of the billions we spend on researching cures. Current statistics points to the staggering fact that 1in 2 of us are expecting to have cancer through our life time.

To discuss this topic we have 3 very brave ladies who experienced first hand what it means to have cancer and all chose to explore none conventional ways to deal with it.

We hope this will inform and inspire those facing similar challenges

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Nov 102011

Oops… Are they up to their old tricks again?

Baxter Healthcare Corp. influenza vaccine – Preflucel being recalled. “Any stock should be quarantined and returned via the normal channels… No further Preflucel of any batch should be administered at this time.” A statement from Baxter read.

The reason given by Newbury-based Baxter Healthcare, which manufacturers the drug is; ‘There has been a higher-than-expected reporting of adverse reactions after administration of vaccines from this batch.”

This is not the first time Baxter is caught up with alarming issues when it comes to vaccines safety. This is the same drug company that was caught exporting Live Avian Flu Virus in seasonal flu vaccines back in 2009. A Story that was very quickly buried by mainstream media.

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Nov 092011

Retired vaccine researcher speaks out about the industry he once was a part of. In this remarkable interview Dr. Mark Randall (a pseudonym) who worked for many years in the labs of major pharmaceutical houses and the US government’s National Institutes of Health, discusses the effectiveness and safety of vaccines, industry practices and their over all global reach and aims.

Jon Rappaport From interviews an ex-vaccine worker “Dr Mark Randall”.

Intro: Dr. Mark Randall is the pseudonym of a vaccine researcher who worked for many years in the labs of major pharmaceutical houses and the US government’s National Institutes of Health. Mark retired during the last decade. He says he was “disgusted with what he discovered about vaccines.”

As you know, since the beginning of no more fake news, I have been launching an attack against non-scientific and dangerous assertions about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Mark has been one of my sources.

He is a little reluctant to speak out, even under the cover of anonymity, but with the current push to make vaccines mandatory — with penalties like quarantine lurking in the wings — he has decided to break his silence.

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May 202011

Forget about radioactive fallout… look here, the Queen is visiting Ireland

Two months on and no end in sight, yes this is the current state of affairs when it comes to the painful issue of the ongoing nuclear radiation spills in Japan. Yet very little facts of the true extent of this global catastrophe trickles down to the forefront of the mass media and the collective consciousness at large.

Surprisingly the public who pay and will continue to pay the price with hard earned cash and the consequence to their health, seems quite content feeding on a diet of ready dished out trivia such as which Royal is wearing what hat? Who was not invited and who did not… Some sense of priorities we have?!

In the same token; While so many Irish people are evacuated from their own streets to make way for a contentious Royal visit, not enough Japanese people are evacuated from their own homes to protect them from the uncontrolled crisis of nuclear radiation, which will plague their environment and ours for many millennia to come…

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