Susan Lindauer former CIA, blow the whistle about 9/11 foreknowledge.

Breaking the Set presenter Abby Martin talks to Susan Lindauer, former CIA asset, and author of ‘Extreme Prejudice’, about her experience being scapegoated under the Patriot Act for blowing the whistle about 9/11 foreknowledge and Iraq.


Susan Lindauer Chief CIA asset covering Iraq and Libia in the UN from 1995 to 2003, gave advance warning of the 911 attack. Lindauer tried to testify through the ‘proper channels’ which lead to her arrest under the patriot act. She was deprived of the right to a trial, hit with secret charges, secret evidence, secret grand jury testimony. She was not allowed to know who has accused her of what crime, the government had no obligation to provide any evidence that a crime ever occurred. Lindauer was held in prison for a year, held under indictment for 5 years with no trial, and said she was forced to court with no attorney.

Susan Lindauer claims to have been told by high up source in the administration of a planned attack with specific details such as hijacked aeroplanes and the world trade centre as far back as April 2001 (5 month before 911). Lindauer told Abby Martin that in April 2001 she was asked by her CIA handler to pass on a back channel message to Iraqi diplomats and ambassador, requesting any fragments of information about aeroplanes hijacking and attack on the world trade centre and that the US was threatening war on Iraq from the highest level of government she quotes: “Above the secretary of defence and above the CIA director, that is only 3 people the president of US, the vice president and secretary of defence. That meant all 3 of them already knew about 911 in April of 2001.”

So it seems that the US government strategy, in an attempt to control and manage a public perception that the ‘war on terror’ was justified and all the rest followed from that, was and still is to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make sure those who knew the truth never have a chance, to tell it to the public at large.

Lindauer said” If the government feels threatened they will attack you, even if you are doing everything right, so why not make sure that the public has the information.”

I can go on and on describing what she said and there is a lot more, but why not just watch the interview and decide for yourself.

However the most powerful message Lindauer delivers in this interview is what many who speak out know only too well and that is:
” The Patriot Act has criminalised dissension, sedition – the act of opposing the government through non violent means, has becomes such a threat that freedom of speech itself is now criminalised by the patriot act.”

” Once the government gives itself power it does not revoke it’s power – ever”


There aren’t any tricks here, only treats!