EyesWiseOpen [03] Cancer The 21st Century Pandemic

Thursday 1st Oct 2015 | 20:00-22:00 GMT | 12:00-14:00 Pacific

About the show

This week our show will explore the Cancer epidemic we currently experiencing. Evidently we are far from winning the fight against Cancer regardless of the billions we spend on researching cures. Current statistics points to the staggering fact that 1in 2 of us are expecting to have cancer through our life time.

To discuss this topic we have 3 very brave ladies who experienced first hand what it means to have cancer and all chose to explore none conventional ways to deal with it.

We hope this will inform and inspire those facing similar challengesOur Guests:


Fiona Shakeela Burns:

Is a Herbalist EFT and PSYCH-K practitioner. Her childhood cancer recovery which was due largely to the Gerson Therapy, led to her becoming a Medical Herbalist and she was able to bring this experience to her own healing process 31 years later.

She feels It was her determination to get well, coupled with her belief that it was possible, as well as her commitment to do what ever it took, that resulted in her dramatic and rapid return to health against all odds. Having discovered for herself that there is no such thing as an incurable disease, Fiona delights in supporting others to connect to their own path back to wellness.


Ann Richardson:

 is a Health Coach and Co-Author of ‘Cancer Beyond Black and White’, a conversation about being healthy and having cancer.  Her healing journey started four years ago with a breast cancer diagnosis.  Since then she has been discovering ways to improve her health and wellbeing, through diet, exercise, supplements, alternative protocols, emotional and spiritual practices.  The result so far?  Increased vitality and joy!  


Gladys Hall:

 is a Massage Therapist and Co-Author with Ann of ‘Cancer Beyond Black and White’, a conversation about being healthy and having cancer.  Gladys’s healing journey started 9 years ago when she was diagnosed with mixed ductal and lobular carcinoma of the breast.  Gladys has been helped through her journey by her strong Christian faith and the support and help of her family both biological and church family.  She has also tried all sorts of things such as diet, exercise, supplements, various treatment protocols. 

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