Fukushima – While we look the other way

Arnold Gundersen –  an energy advisor with 39-years of nuclear power engineering experience. For more expert comments on the Fukushima nuclear power station visit his website

I had a dream

On the 3rd of March 2011, I woke up recalling a vivid dream, I felt that this dream was significant, so while rubbing the web of sleep from my half opened eyes, I recounted the dream to my partner, partly so I don’t forget it and partly so that there is another soul knowing I had that dream.

I told him – “I was taking part in a rescue mission, which took place within a ‘radiation zone’, I was aware that I didn’t have any protective clothing, or mask, but at the same time I knew with unexplained confidence, that I am not going to be effected by the high radiation.”

On the 3.3.11 a week before the 11.3.11 Japanese Earth Quake, Tsunami, and the Nuclear disaster that followed, the likelihood of me taking part in a rescue mission in a radiation zone was as remote and unrealistic as spaceships landing on the white house loan.(Not because I believe they don’t exist, but because I don’t believe they will be stupid enough to land in that location.) But still it felt significant enough for me to make a mental note of it.

A week later and the dream took a whole new meaning…

Watching the drama unfold in real-time, live TV all the way from Japan, I had very clear idea where this is all going. When I switched on the TV that day for the news, scenes from my dream overlapped in my mind’s eye and superimposed on what I was watching. I understood at once why I knew I will not be effected by the radiation in my dream. I was not there with my physical body and I was conscious of that fact while dreaming.

The events in the dream were real and so was my presence and action within it. Although to truly appreciate how this works we will need to have a better understanding of the nature of time and how past, present and future are interwoven together. When the last Tsunami hit south east Asia, I agreed to help those effected, while I was a sleep and this time was no exception, I was still doing the same thing, only this time I was helping in a rescue mission in a radiation zone. The difference here is that I was doing it ONE WEEK BEFORE IT HAPPENED… Still need to get my head around this one.

Now 3 weeks on we hardly get any real information about it on the main stream media news. The extent and consequence of this Nuclear disaster is played down to one liner empty catch phrases in between hours of detailed propaganda accounts of the war games played in someone else’s back yard aimed to inspire the young to get drafted.

The answer to nuclear meltdown is nuclear bombing

I can’t but help notice how convenient it is for all the main Nuclear players to destruct public attention away from the Nuclear disaster that is currently unfolding and avoiding any discussion of the very real prospect of more of those to come as this planet goes through more changes. Ironically this destruction come in the form of you guessed it – bombing the Libyan people with no other then depleted Uranium which is more of the same…

Reminds me of an interview I read with a surgeon specialising in Cancer who said surgery chemo and radiation are effective in getting read of Cancer although one might develop new cancer from the radiation, but that is not a problem cause you can treat it with more radiation!

In both cases ‘they’ whoever ‘they’ may be, get away with it! And for as long as we look the other way and keep on swallowing what they dish, ‘change’ no matter how long we wait, ain’t coming!

So while we are busy following every word uttered by those attending world leaders conferences to argue points of this or that UN resolutions, the air we breath is poisoned, the water we drink is poisoned, the food we eat is poisoned… But hey, there is some good news – the economy is set to grow… Once we finish destroying Gaddafi’s military might, which we just sold him 4 years ago, we will be selling his predecessor more of the same all over again…

What a wonderful world!

Projected from dispersion models on how – Cesium 137, Iodine 131, and Xenon 133 circulating around the glob following weather patterns. The information in this video is taken from woweather Although these modules are not accurate and are based on limited information from the source, it gives us some ideas on what is going on.



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