Swine Flu – Man made or natural evolution [1]

In 2006 Granada forum Dr. Bill Deagle – a Black Op whistle-blower shared information on many subjects he has first hand knowledge on. But maybe the most relevant to our current pandemic challenge, is the information he shares on Avian flu. (This is a very long talk divided to a number of videos combined to a playlist)

In an interview with Bill Ryan of project camelot , Dr Deagle tells a story of a meeting he had with a group of doctors and scientists from ‘Human Life International’ in Zurich. where he was given documents on the weaponization of the avian flu, smuggled out of the World Health Organization in Basel and more. He recounts:

“After two and a half hours of me speaking to a board of scientists — giant boardroom, you know, 24 doctors and scientists, whatever, the International Board of HLI — they said: Now you sit down, doctor. We give you things. And they went into another room and brought this stack, about a foot of documents. I said: Well, what is this? They said: You stay here. And they gave me some more water and whatever, and they lectured to me for two hours.

And they had documents there of the weaponization of the avian flu, smuggled out of the World Health Organization in Basel. Actual documents. OK? That they had got gene bioengines, and they had actually resurrected the corpses of people that died of the H1N1 back in 1918, that they were paid for by the Rothschilds… All this stuff!

I’m totally in shock! I mean, these guys are telling me this stuff. I’m thinking: Why am I in Zurich?

And after they finished that, which was about 6 inches, then they gave me documents, that they had these plasmid vaccines that were injected every month. And they were drawing blood from women in sub-Saharan Africa, testing to see if they create antibodies against human chorionic gonadotropin to sterilize them.

And I had another 4 inches of documents that showed that AIDS was completely weaponized by cross-genetically engineering the Visna virus with other viruses. They gave me the actual documents!
So I’m sitting there kind of freaked out, you know, wondering… And of course we went to dinner afterward with these doctors. And they said: Now you bring all this – I brought it all back with me, of course — to North America.

But the thing is, back in… You see how God puts me in all these positions. Back in 1974 I had finished a year of medical school and someone tried to recruit me from a U.S. government agency to take a year off medical school and go to Uganda for a special virus project. Because I had worked…

Before I went into medicine, I was working on my honours degree and I finished my Ph.D. research project in 5 months, although I didn’t write the thesis, for Dr. Robert Brown, who was one of the doctors working on the T-virus project in Bethesda. So I was already a bio-weaponeer.”וֹ

Listen to Alex Jones talking with Dr Bill Deagle and Steve Quayle on 27.4.09 where both state that they had received intelligence quite a while back, that a potential pandemic had been planned. Don’t miss this one…

More questions then answers can be found is this article Swine Flu  – The Smoking Gun – Part 4

The video at the top, is the first of 16 parts playlist where Deagle covers many topics such as nutrition, extraterrestrials, New World Order, Moon Base, Mars colony, Deep Underground Military Bases, super soldiers, GMO, Illuminati 4th dimensional workings, even modified attack baboons.



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