Zeitgeist: Addendum

By Peter Joseph 2008

Another take on the current economic system. Great old footage of Krishnamurti tucked in the intro. Amongst some other home truths we rather not know about, it features interviews with the author of the ‘Economic Hit Man’, which really deserves a dedicated post, and vocal congress man Ron Paul.


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The second half of this doco-film is devoted to exploring positive alternatives where technological solutions win the day. Jacque Fresco the man behind the Venus Project is given a large platform to promote his visionary version of the future.

If you wish to find out more about The Venus Project, this might be a good start – THE FUTURE AND BEYOND By Jacque Fresco.

Some say Zeitgeist is all part of the global shift in consciousness that the Theosophists have been calling for, for well over a century and is aimed at indoctrinate us into their train of thought. I leave it up to you to decide.

“Of all the social institutions we are born into, directed by and conditioned upon, there seems to be no system as taken for granted and misunderstood as the monetary system. Taking on nearly religious proportions, the established monetary institution exists as one of the most unquestioned forms of faith there is. How money is created, the policies by which it is governed, and how it truly affects society are unregistered interests of the great majority of the population.

In a world where 1% of the population owns 40% of the planet’s wealth, in a world where 34,000 children die every single day from poverty and preventable diseases and where 50% of the world’s population lives on less than 2 dollars a day, one thing is clear — something is very wrong.

And whether we are aware of it or not, the lifeblood of all of our established institutions and thus, society itself, is money. Therefore, understanding this institution of monetary policy is critical to understanding why our lives are the way they are. Unfortunately, economics is often viewed with confusion and boredom. Endless streams of financial jargon coupled with intimidating mathematics quickly deters people from attempts at understanding it; however, the fact is, the complexity associated with the financial system is a mere mask designed to conceal one of the most socially paralyzing structures humanity has ever endured.”




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