May 032009

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We had SARS with wings and now to flying pigs

Reading between the lines

On the first of May Haaretz published an article titled Israel,  Arab states meet to combat swine flu in region where it covers the current saga to great length through the lens of local issues and government actions. At the very end of this article I found the most interesting thing in the whole article.

The main reason I was not surprised by the heavy hand and extreme ‘police state’ like measures the Israeli government choose to instigate, is that if you followed international law and the rapid changes to it since 911 you would not be surprised at all. As what is happening now in Israel is following those laws crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s.

I will start this story from where the article mentioned above has ended. It reads:

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May 012009

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Is Agri-biz at the root of swine flu?

As worries of an international flu pandemic spread around the glob, the world health organisation WHO is yet to confirm the source of the outbreak. However evidence is mounting that the virus originate from an industrial pig farm in central Mexican state of Veracruz.

Mexican media have been reporting on a breakout of a mysterious respiratory infection as early as April 6th. The national daily La Jornada wrote that the outbreak has infected more then 300 residence of the town of La Gloria. The article quoted local and national authorities tracing the virus to a massive pig’s shit lagoon at a factory farm operated by ‘Granjas Carroll de Mexico’, which is 50 percent owned by Virginia-based ‘Smithfield Foods, Inc.’- the world larger producer of pork. Smithfield maintains that none of it’s employees nor pigs have shown any signs of infection.

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Apr 302009

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In 2006 Granada forum Dr. Bill Deagle – a black op whistle-blower, shared information on many subjects he has first hand knowledge on, but maybe the most relevant to our current pandemic challenge, is the information he shares on Avian flu. (21min into the video)

In an interview with Bill Ryan of project camelot , Dr Deagle tells a story of a meeting he had with a group of doctors and scientists from ‘Human Life International’ in Zurich. where he was given documents on the weaponization of the avian flu, smuggled out of the World Health Organization in Basel and more. He recounts:

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