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If you like our site and feel aligned with the material we publish, why not come on board. There are many ways one can get involved: You can simply join the mailing list to stay updated, or you can become a member to get access to members only areas, interact with other members join groups and forums, participate in research groups, and even have your own article and research published on our site.

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Membership options

Until very recently ‘EyesWiseOpen’ comprised of published material, most of which was public and free. However as the site evolves to include new features, some of it will be for members eyes only. Depending on the type of membership, this may include; access to extra content, being part of a community, access to members forums, participation in research groups activity and access to published reports and a whole lot more.

Bronze Membership (Free)

Bronze membership is free. Members can: access extra material unavailable to none members and comment on published articles. Unfortunately comments need to be moderated, so  your comments will not appear on the site immediately after submission. This is not about censoring anyones views, relevant comments will be published regardless of their standpoint, even if they present counter views (healthy debate is welcome). What is never going to be published is spam; marketing products and services, or automated ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ back links, disguised as comments.

Becoming a Bronze member is easy – 3 steps and you are in:

1. fill a form  >> 2. Activate your account >> 3. Log in

  • Fill a form with a user name, password, and a working email address and hit the ‘join’ button. A confirmation screen informs you that you will need to activate your account from the email we’ve just sent you. You should get it in minutes, it will have “[EyesWiseOpen] Activate Your Account” in the subject. If you can’t find it in your inbox, look for it in your spam folder, or bin.
  •  Click on the activation link in the email.  Once activated you should be able to see a message that your Account was Activated.
  • Log in and you are done


Gold membership (Paid Subscription)

At this stage most of the content on this site is open to all free of charge. However this is about to change, with a selection of content and activities being available only to paying members. As a gold member you will be part of a community of like minded people able to interact with other members through participation in groups and forums, or privately with other individual members and more.


Platinum membership (by invitation or request

Platinum membership is for those interested in either taking an active part in research groups. As a platinum member you may join forces with others from all over the world taking part in research projects. You may have knowledge, or expertise to share and contribute or you may be inexperienced but very interested in a particular topic and want to share your time and help, What ever part you wish to play the idea is to come together unravel what is real and bring it to light. The outcome could be in a variety of formats  form written visual audio or film etc.

Platinum Members will be able to initiate projects, pitch their ideas to other members, select who they would like to work with and moderate their research through the use of groups and dedicated forums. When the project is ready it can be published.


Donations are appreciated

Donate to support this site and enable us to provide freely available content as much as possible.

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