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Sep 292015

Thursday 1st Oct 2015 | 20:00-22:00 GMT | 12:00-14:00 Pacific

About the show

This week our show will explore the Cancer epidemic we currently experiencing. Evidently we are far from winning the fight against Cancer regardless of the billions we spend on researching cures. Current statistics points to the staggering fact that 1in 2 of us are expecting to have cancer through our life time.

To discuss this topic we have 3 very brave ladies who experienced first hand what it means to have cancer and all chose to explore none conventional ways to deal with it.

We hope this will inform and inspire those facing similar challenges

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Sep 222015

Thursday 24th Sep 2015 | 20:00-22:00 GMT | 12:00-14:00 Pacific


About the show

If you watched our first show last week and read  our after show post OMG was James Abducted  you would know that our guest James Roy graced us with an Houdini disappearing act through the black hole in his coffee mug and on to the mysterious Iridescent ‘End of Times’ cloud phenomenon spotted over Costa Rica.

In our second show we will attempt to teleport James back to Earth so we can finally manifest our planned conversation on Neurofeedback.

We will need you all to tune in with your Gamma brain waves to teleport James back… We are counting on your participation :-) 

To find out more about James Roy disappearing act last week Click Here 

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Sep 182015

If you watched our live show yesterday you would know that our guest disappeared shortly before we started the live show. We met about 30 minutes before the show started so we could iron out our plans for the show. James turned up on time with headphones set on and told us “there is a huge storm going on where he is based in Costa Rica”.  “If I didn’t have the headset on we would have a real issue with sound as the rain was pounding on…”  he said. “I am going to make some coffee and be right back.” Were his last words…

That was the last we heard of him.

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